Watching TV for 7 hours
A kilogram of organic waste, processed in a biogas plant, provides the energy a TV would need for seven hours. In Germany 3.5 million tons of biological waste are accumulated each year. Watch TV with organic waste. Electricity from Lichtblick.

Ironing 60 Shirts
An average windmill (1,5 me­ga­watts) supplies 1.000 households with elec­tricity.
In 30 seconds it generates the power, you would need to iron 60 shirts. Iron your shirts with the wind.
Electricity from Lichtblick.

Baking a cake
The daily excrement of a cow provides energy to bake a cake, if processed in a biogas plant.
13 million cattle live in Germany. Bake your cake with biogas. Electricity from Lichtblick.
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